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Web Application Development

Custom Developed By & For The Current Generation!

Build consumer-facing or B2B applications that can work seamlessly across multiple devices such as mobile, tablet, and desktop. Building a mobile application for your business is one of the proven time-tested ways to organically grow your user base and expand your business as a result.

We are an app development agency that can get all of your queries and requirements fulfilled. Our agile practices help us deliver in time with no quality deterioration and faster iterations. Whether you need to develop an application from scratch or help redesign an underperforming application, we can work alongside you and offer you options that are not readily available “off-the-shelf”.

Web and Mobile App Developers, CA

Full Spectrum App Design & Integration Services

  • Custom Android & iOS App Development
  • Native & Cross-Platform Solutions
  • Second Platform App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Consulting & Prototyping
  • Power Management, Notification & Geofencing
  • Embedded Android & AOSP Customization
  • App Maintenance & Remodelling
  • Automated QA & Testing

Our App Development Process

Our secret sauce to success makes our apps stand out from the rest of your competition concerning speed, looks, & functionality.


Strategy, Planning & Analysis

Every app we work on is created from scratch to serve its very own purpose. We plan, analyze and operate on a dedicated strategy worked out especially for you.


UI/UX Design & Prototyping

We could soon realize from a consumer’s perspective that the look and feel of an app are more important than how it works or operates and so our UI/UX developers.


Testing & Deployment

Deploying an app and testing it for bugs and broken pages is easily one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. We implement a separate testing phase to perfect your app.


Maintenance & Support

Our service doesn’t end after deployment. We can promise that we’ll stay and work with you as long as you need. You are just one call away from any tech support you need.

Why Choose Us

If you’re looking forward to leveraging the power of apps to drive your business forward, here are a few reasons why you should work with us.

Web Application Development

Cross-Platform (Hybrids)

With our cross-platform apps that are developed over a common code base, your business can now target multiple digital platforms with ease. It also makes it easy for you to add, remove or maintain your code long-term.

Web and Mobile App Developers, CA

Immersive & Responsive Designs

How your app looks is a million-dollar question that very few app development agencies have an answer to. Our UI/UX experts can design immersive experiences for your users which can, in turn, help you increase your conversion rates.

Web Application Development

Easy Cloud Integration

We can integrate our apps to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google, and Docker to keep your data safe and to ensure easy data sharing. This will help you share, update, delete, process, and retrieve user information with ease.

Web and Mobile App Developers, CA

Prolonged Maintenance & Support

Our support doesn’t end with the deployment but lasts as long as you need it. Our periodic in-depth analysis can spot bugs and broken links. To ensure maximum app uptime, you can opt for periodic maintenance at regular intervals.

What Do We Use?

A large part of an app development agency’s expertise depends on the technological stack they use. At Aptract, we never compromise.

Cross-Platform Apps

  • Flutter | React Native | JS | Typescript | C#

While React Native gives us the fundamental UI building blocks, flutter helps us render your app for both iOS & Android mobile phones using the same code.

Native iOS Apps

  • Objective-C | Swift | Apple Xcode | iOS SDK

Objective-C helps us by providing dynamic runtime env and OOP capabilities while swift throws fewer errors and is more functional with a variety of modern features.

Native Android Apps

  • Java | Kotlin | Android Studio | VS Code

Java & Kotlin are the two most widely used, scalable, and dependable languages for android apps. Android Studio makes building and deploying instantaneous.

Hybrid Apps

  • Everything above + Cordova | PhoneGap | Ionic

Apache Cordova & PhoneGap are great platforms that don’t let developers depend on HTML and CSS to build user interfaces. Ionic provides a native look to hybrid apps.

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