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6 Benefits of Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency

Now that you’re here, there’s a good chance you’ve done your research and come up with a cool mobile app idea you cannot wait to work on. So, the next question is, whom should you hire – Mobile app development companies or freelancers? This guide will tell you why you should hire a company instead of a freelancer and help you decide.

Before you decide whom to hire, here are a few factors that you should have answers to:

  • What is the primary goal of your app? Understanding this will help you decide the scope of work. 
  • Your budget: Your budget will decide the financial extent of your decision. 
  • The time you want to put in this project from the beginning till launch day. 

There are more and bigger decisions to be made but these three will help you get started with the hiring process. Deciding whom to hire depends on your app idea and budget, but there’s a general idea that mobile app development companies are a better choice and here are a few reasons to support that. 

Mobile app development agencies provide the full experience.

A major difference between freelancers and companies would be the scope of work and additional benefits. A company usually has a methodology that works, a plan they follow and experts dedicated to each area of app development. Hiring a freelancer means relying on just one person to do the job and it can be difficult to find someone that does everything and follows structure. 

App development has a lot of areas that require expertise and dedication and companies provide that. Mobile app development is a continuous process which is why hiring an agency seems like a smarter choice. Additionally, with a mobile app development company, you get the aftercare benefits too. 

Financial decisions – Where are you putting your money? 

While this decision depends on your budget and app size, no doubt that hiring an agency provides a sense of dependability and security. With freelancers, you might just be paying for the development. But, when you hire an agency, you can use them for all future changes and post-development analysis. 

Easy supervision of the process

When you hire a mobile app development company, you can oversee the work easily. A freelancer might not be available to answer your valid development inquiries. But with a company, there is no doubt that you’ll have experts working round the clock to help with your inquiries. While freelancers do excellent development, the extent of their services is limited. 

More legal security 

Mobile app development companies are sorted when it comes to the legal aspects of your app. Legal formalities can be tricky for freelancers to manage, but companies have experts to do the same. However, it wouldn’t be fair to deny that some freelancers offer such services with the development process. This decision depends on the kind of app you’re developing and what legal formalities it requires. 

Post-development maintenance 

After your app is developed, freelancers don’t stick around and help with further maintenance of the app. Most of them take up projects for development only and move on to others. But, once you begin incorporating complex functionalities on your app, you might face glitches or encounter some bugs and you’ll need someone to help you fix those. 

Hiring a mobile app development company means hiring a team of experts who will be there at all times to help you with technical problems. Companies aren’t good with just app development but also provide excellent support and add value. 

Time Management

Hiring a freelancer is a tedious process. Once you put out a message, you’ll get many responses to choose from. Having options is always better but also time-consuming. Instead, with just a little research you’ll find reliable and dependable companies. Once you find those and reach out to them, the selection process won’t take long. 

While there is no clear answer to who you should hire, this guide does help you get answers on how both freelancers and mobile development companies work. With such information, you can make a list of your needs depending on the scope of your project and see what works best for you. 

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