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Website Design

Comprehensive Bouquet of WebDev Solutions Under One Roof

In an era where businesses die if they don’t establish their digital presence, we realize the value of having a professional, informative yet stunning website that represents your brand’s identity. Developing such websites require a lot more than just a creative extravaganza. At Aptract, we offer Custom web development services that are built around responsiveness and aesthetics.

Our expert developers understand your business objectives and consumer psychology to come up with websites that can keep your audience engaged. Our UX designers work closely with our developers to make sure that website functionality and user experience go hand in hand in all the sites we design. Together, we can help you design websites from scratch and optimize your existing site for performance.

Creative Website Designing & Development

Future-Ready Web Designs for All Business Verticals

  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • UI & UX Design
  • API Development
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Database Management
  • Version Control
  • QA & Testing
  • Content Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Automatic Reports & Analytics

Our Web Development Process Involves:

Over the years, we have curated an in-house process to stabilize the quality and scalability of the websites we develop.


Requirement Analysis & Wireframing

We follow an intensive brainstorming routine that helps us understand your requirements and upon receiving them, we jump into wireframing a preliminary version to understand the challenges.


Technology Stack Analysis

Every website is unique. Some are simple and the others, complicated. Depending on the use case and purpose of websites, the technology stack that’s required to develop them would vary.


Frontend, Backend & UI Finalization

We understand that the designs we propose are subjected to change with every review cycle. We’ll walk you through a sequence of reviews, to finalize the frontend, backend, and UI of your site.


Deployment & Maintenance

We can help you choose the right domain name, hosting service, and SSL plan for your website before deployment. You can also opt for your annual maintenance support if you’d require routine checkups.

Why Choose Us

We think big and have worked with various notable brands around the globe. Here’s what makes us special.

Website Design

Guaranteed Performance

The faster your site loads, the more your visitors would be interested in using it often. We employ SSD hosting and cookie-free domains that boost your website’s overall performance by minimizing loading times.

Web Developers, CA

Scalable & Future-Safe

Most businesses grow over time and it is important that your website is scalable enough. We offer you a choice to choose technologies that you want your website to be built on to ensure scalability in the future.

Creative Website Designing & Development

Cybertheft Security

Cyber risks are more dangerous than you think and could destroy your reputation. The websites we develop have an innate ability built into them that helps them prevent malware attacks and security breaches.

Website Design

Design Flexibility

We don’t impose you to choose among the designs we have but give you the flexibility to share your thoughts and references for us to work upon. This way, you and your business get exactly what they need.

What Do We Use?

The tools, software, and programming languages we use are industry recommended. They ensure scalability and continuity not just in the present but also several years into the future.

Client-Side Development

  • HTML | CSS | JS | Bootstrap | Typescript

The client-side is what your users see. We refer it to as the “front-end”. It usually involves the use of markup languages and Javascript frameworks like React, Express & Meteor.Js

Server-Side Development

  • PostgreSQL | MongoDB | MySQL | Redis

If you intend to collect user information like login credentials, payment details, etc., you can benefit from our database expertise in tools like PostgreSQL & MongoDB.

Integrated Environments (IDE)

  • Visual Studio Code (VSC) | Atom | Anaconda

To maintain uniformity and compliance, we use the same IDE from the inception to the completion of a project. Our staff primarily use VSC and Atom for web development.

Website Security Testing

  • Mozilla Observatory | Detectify | SSLTrust

Apart from acquiring an SSL certificate for your website upon preference, we also test all the sites we develop for broken links and bugs to prevent cyber attacks and data leaks.

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