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Agile Methodology

Build Phenomenal Software, the Agile Way

Agile development is not a need but a necessity these days. Agile frameworks can reduce the development time by half. But unlike what most people might think, an organization cannot just start using Agile methodologies right away. Agile is a habit that has to be inculcated within an organization’s employees. It takes time and a lot of training to get them up to speed. This is exactly why most companies don’t follow Agile.

We have eminent software developers on standby who can accelerate your product development process to help your good ideas grow and make your bad ideas not cost too much. We foster quick-return development and guarantee high quality owing to our Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), and Lean practices. Our agile expertise helps you accelerate your product launches with complete visibility throughout the process.

Agile Software Development, CA

Utilize Our Agile Development to Achieve Higher Business Agility

  • Agile Assessment
  • Transition Strategy
  • Scrum frameworks
  • Test-driven development
  • Pair programming
  • Continuous integration
  • Frequent performance metrics
  • Iterative design
  • Evolutionary architecture

Our Agile Development Process Involves:

We have extensive experience in designing, conceptualizing, and implementing agile methodologies to ensure a streamlined workflow.


Transition Strategy Formulation

A business needs a lot of training and patience to perfect its Agile strategy. We first take a look at your company’s organizational structure and analyze it to formulate a custom agile strategy for you.


Agile Operating Model Adoption

Agile has a lot of operating models but a company cannot use every single one of them. We handpick the models that can work best for your company and help you and your employees adopt them.


Capability Development

Agile is extensive. You have to have enough manpower for certain agile principles to work and to reduce the execution/development time. We analyze your capability and seal any gaps you might have.


Final KPI benchmarking

We use several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the increase in performance after your company has adopted Agile. This benchmark indication would help you attract clients.

Why Choose Us

Boost integration, communication & collaboration among your employees with our future-gen services to realize the potential of Agile.

Agile Methodology

Technology Accelerators

We’ve developed our very own strategies or “accelerators” over time. These agile technology accelerators can reduce your time to market, accelerate your development cycle and reduce your development costs.

Agile Software Development, CA

End-To-End Services

Agile can help you accomplish a wide range of tasks in a very short time frame. From ideation, development, UX & UI design to app launch, we can facilitate everything a software organization might need under one roof.

Agile Methodology

Vast Domain Expertise

We have been in the field for years and have worked with various giants. You can be sure of receiving well-researched recommendations from agile professionals who can fine-tune and ramp up your existing practices.

What Do We Use?

Agile methodologies help a company retain its flexibility without compromising its operational agility. Now, this would be close to impossible without the use of great tools to track the progress to organize the team’s efforts.

Source Control

  • Git | Mercurial | Subversion | CVS

Although these tools weren’t necessarily built with an Agile focus, they have become essential and provide one central repository that helps multiple developers work together on a single piece of code with ease.

Continuous Integration

  • Travis CI | Strider | Jenkins | Hudson | Integrity

Continuous integration tools have a wide array of plugins to help us with everything from document creation to compiling statistics. They add an additional processing layer before committing the code to reduce code mishappenings.

Agile Team Management Tools

  • Agile Manager | JIRA Agile | VersionOne | Planbox | Axosoft

Agile Management Tools keeps the members of our team organized and guided as they begin working on a code. They also help us plan the sprints and deployments for a period of time and ensure that we stick to them.

Scrum Master Tools

  • Trello | Zoho Sprints | nTask

There are no shortages of Scrum tools in the market yet we choose to work with the best. These tools keep us focused on delivering results in the shortest possible time through rapid and repeated inspections.

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