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Architecture Optimization

An Essential Addition to Any SDLC

Want your software to function efficiently and execute rapidly with little to no lags? Software performance optimization is for you. A small delay in execution or broken code could soon develop into an issue that requires extended maintenance downtime. Although it is highly unlikely to uncover all the bugs that your software might have before deployment, performance optimization can help you resolve as many of them as possible.

A newly developed software should function seamlessly during installation and several months if not years after that. But for your systems to run efficiently, one must first identify and diagnose problems that are hindering its performance while it operates. Our expertise in software analysis and development allows us to swiftly diagnose problems and to ensure uninterrupted long-term performance which saves you a great deal of money.

Software Performance Optimization

Don’t Just Let Your Software Exist. Let Them Excel.

  • Issue Identification
  • Performance Measurement
  • Module Task Profiling
  • Establishing Configurable Parameters
  • System Resource Consumption Measurement
  • Bottleneck Identification
  • Software Architecture Modification
  • Performance Optimization
  • Documentation

Our Software Optimization Process Involves:

Although time-consuming and excruciating at times, software optimization is a crucial process to organizational success.


Problem Assortment

The first step in software performance optimization is figuring the possible problem areas and areas that need an upgrade. After assorting them, they get labeled. They would later get optimized in order.


Benchmarking & Documentation

Before getting into optimization, we would first benchmark your software’s current performance. This would allow us to later measure the amount of boost you have got from the process.


Architecture Optimization

We don’t indulge in superficial performance boosts that are temporary. Our experts would first explore your software’s architecture and propose permanent solutions for prolonged performance.


Software Deployment

After upgrading your software’s performance, we can help you jot down brand new documentation that describes the areas that have been upgraded before deploying it back again.

Why Choose Us

Software performance optimization, unlike other branches of IT, demands an expert vendor like us who can detect and sort problems early.

Architecture Optimization

Guaranteed Cost Reduction

Performance optimization is a sure-shot way to cut down your operational costs by half. By optimizing you eliminate any unnecessary additions to your software. We promise affordability with no quality compromise.

Software Performance Optimization

Improved Response Time

The faster your software responds to a user, the more frequent the user would use it. Upon restoration and a few careful performance boosts, you can see a significant reduction in your software’s response time.

Architecture Optimization

Increased User Uptime

Uptime refers to the duration where your software can operate without problems. We leave no room for errors. This increases your uptime and allows more users to stay active which in turn multiplies your ROI.

Software Performance Optimization

Heightened Market Dominance

Optimization keeps your software a step ahead of any competition it might already have. If your software is trouble-free, fast, and reliable, you can undoubtedly dominate the market with very little marketing.

What Do We Use?

Software Performance Optimization is a broad field where we use multiple tools for every separate software platform which includes web-based, app-based, databases, and desktop software.

Software Optimization

  • Apache JMeter | SmartMeter.io | WebLOAD

These tools help us simulate the loads that your software can handle and measures the response time. By exposing your software to prolonged workloads, we will also test its endurance.

Mobile App Optimization

  • AppsFlyer | CleverTap | Smartlook

We try to understand where the users lack interest while using your app and then fortify or customize that before moving on to the next. We have a variety of tools that help us accomplish this.

Website Optimization

  • Uptrends | GTmetrix | dotcom-monitor

We keep monitoring how your website performs in different browsers and different devices. We also keep an eye on their responsiveness while switching between pages and devices.

App Store Optimization

  • Apptweak | Split Metrics | ASOdesk

The ASO tools we use can help you boost your visibility, increase your user base and improve your conversion rates. We can optimize your apps both in the Android and Apple app stores.

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