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UI Designers, CA

Future Proof UI & UX Designs that Deliver Spot-On Results

The creative process that goes into crafting a stunning yet functional UI design requires a deep understanding of creative GUIs and your business goals. We have a highly motivated team of UI & UX designers who have nuanced expertise in designing impactful digital products. Together, we have designed immersive UIs for businesses from various domains which include fashion, digital solutions, healthcare, travel & education.

We have our own agile and responsive design protocols laid out that allow us to utilize effective collaboration to achieve the best possible design outcome. At Aptract Technology Agency, we realize that a good UI is where form and function go hand in hand. Major brands and businesses around the world trust our UI designs on their websites, mobile apps, and ad campaigns to improve their digital presence and brand value.

User Interface Design & Development

Our UI Designs Speak for Themselves.

  • Cross-Platform UI Design
  • Mobile App UX Design
  • AR Experience Design
  • Mobile-Enabled Responsive Design
  • SaaS Design
  • Web Re-modelling
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animated Layout Design
  • Extensive Testing & Analytics

Our UI & UX Design Process Involves:

Expert designers with over a decade worth of expertise in design deliver exactly what you need within the set timeframe.


Sketching & Wireframing

We follow a rigorous sketching and wireframing phase to show you a glimpse of how your ideas look on paper. This will help you finalize the features of your product.


Dynamic prototyping

Before developing the application, prototyping will bring you as close as possible to the final output. If it doesn’t look satisfactory, you can realign or modify how your application looks.


Graphic Interface Development

After prototyping, we can start developing the application from the ground up based on the UI & UX design that you’ve approved. Your app will begin to get shape with the graphic interface.


Adding UI Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are what separates great UI designs from good ones. After designing the preliminary app version, you can choose to customize the UI & UX designs to best suit your interests.

Why Choose Us

We dive in deep to understand & quantify your requirements and target audience to develop stunning UI UX designs that they adore.

UI Designers, CA

Tailored & Competitive Designs

Not every business has the same target audience. We inspect your business domain to come up with custom UI & UX layouts that best suit your interest. With us, you can be assured of receiving UI designs that are unique and custom-built for you from scratch.

User Interface Design & Development

Broad-Ranging Expertise

A good UI design isn’t just about looks. A well-built UI must give users an immersive experience and persuade them into using your website longer than usual. From careful root cause analysis to in-depth post-analysis, we have experts to work on all verticals of UI design.

UI Designers, CA

Established In-House Standards

Our design teams adhere to strict and comprehensive design standards that help them develop solutions that are uniform & scalable. We keep redundancy to the minimum and make sure that we never repeat the designs that are overused in the market.

User Interface Design & Development

Cross-Platform Compatibility

There is no guarantee that your user will continue to use your website or app on the same platform over time. We focus and employ the core principles of UI design that apply to all devices to deliver consistent experiences across all platforms.

What Do We Use?

Unlike popular opinion, UI/UX design is not as easy as it sounds. It is one of the most important stages of app design and involves the usage of multiple design platforms at every stage.

Wireframe Design

  • Adobe XD | Sketch | Balsamiq | Omni Giraffe

Wireframing is just a skeletal blueprint or page schematic before the actual design that says how one element of a UI interacts with one another and other pages of your app to accomplish a particular purpose or task.

UI & UX Prototyping

  • Figma | InVision Studio | Webflow | Axure RP 9

Depending on what you want to prototype (Website or Mobile Application), we work with a variety of prototyping third-party tools like Webflow and Figma that will give us an idea of how your product would finally look.

UI Development

  • HTML | CSS | Bootstrap | Javascript | Flutter

To develop UI elements from scratch and for them to align with your requirements, we employ HTML, CSS, JS & Flutter. Apart from helping us build the UI framework from the ground up, they have great customization options.

JS Libraries for UI & UX

  • Angular | React | Vue | Ember | Backbone

Unlike popular opinion, Javascript is still one of the most versatile frameworks that are used in UI & UX development. With new JS libraries popping up every day, you have endless means of design versatility & personalization.

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