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Software Testing Company, CA

We Uncover Vulnerabilities to Make Good, Software, Better!

Our software testing team at Aptract has an extensive software testing framework that involves multiple tests to assess the compatibility, performance, security, functionality, and compliance of your software. Our test architects and engineers can impose state-of-the-art QA testing on all your web, mobile, and in-house software to ensure compliance and to improve performance.

We harness the power of RPA, IoT, and AI tools to perform automated software testing. In the era of light-speed app and software releases, software testing is important to ensure a seamless customer experience. Our rigorous software testing is your only way to deploy software of the highest quality standard. Our quality assurance engineers make use of a lot of different strategies to isolate and resolve problems before they turn major.

Application QA Services

We Ensure Exceptional Software Quality

  • DevOps & Agile Testing
  • Digital Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Test Advisory Service
  • DW/Analytics
  • Security Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Load & Stress Testing

Our Software Testing Process Involves:

We make full use of the best practices put forth by the OWASP standards to protect your software from intruders and performance lags.


Application Understanding

If you have a software application that wasn’t developed by us, our testing engineers would personally organize a brainstorming session to understand the build and purpose of it before execution.


Test Case Design & Execution

The first step to any software testing strategy is to formulate test cases or in other words, conditions that you want your app to meet. The more test cases we add, the more errors we can uncover and resolve.


Test Coverage Metrics

We would give you complete metric sheets in periodic intervals of how your software has performed during the tests along with the number of bugs or broken links that we have fixed during the process.


Compatibility Report

The end result of software testing is to get your app compatible with your users. Although 100% compatibility is a myth, we can bump up the number as much as possible.

Why Choose Us

Aptract Technologies is a QA Specialized Software Testing Company That Assists Organisations globally to deliver the highest quality Software Apps.

Software Testing Company, CA

We Prioritize Automation

Our automation testing experts know exactly how to get more work done in far less time To minimize human errors and negligence, almost all of our software testing procedures are completely automated.

Application QA Services

Comprehensive QA Knowledge

We work with industry experts who have over 10 years of experience in testing. Our engineers are handpicked to have a combination of QA, software testing, and domain knowledge with ISTQB & CSTE certifications.

Software Testing Company, CA

Domain & Tech Expertise

Our expertise in working with various tech stacks helps us identify problems with ease. We have perfected our IP-based accelerators and process-oriented approach over the years that has helped us excel.

Software Testing Company, CA

Managed Testing Services

We also offer professional managed testing services where we can undertake a portion of the entire scope of all your testing activities on a pay-per-unit basis where we’ll manage everything.

What Do We Use?

Software testing is a crucial process that’s often overlooked by most software companies but fortunately, not us. We use a wide array of software testing and automation testing tools that can roll out bugs and broken links.

Software Testing Tools

  • Apache JMeter | HP LoadRunner | jUnit | TestNG | Cobertura

These tools offer various features such as Version Control System Integration, Centralized Object Repository, and SMTP Integration which makes software testing much easier.

Automation Testing Tools

  • Selenium | TestingWhiz | HP – UFT | Ranorex | Katalon Studio

Automation testing helps us deliver accurate results with very little effort and time. Automation tools can help with web, desktop, browser, API, and regression testing.

Static Test Tools

  • Flow Analysers | Path Testers | Coverage & Interface Analyzers

We use static testing to improve flexibility in a data flow, find inconsistencies in a software’s code, and check the consequences of passing variables.

Dynamic Test Tools

  • Test Driver | Test Beds | Emulators | Mutation Analysers

Dynamic tools provide input data to MUT (Modules Under Test), offer us responsive capabilities to imitate incomplete parts of the system, have and has fault tolerance.

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